Types of Players You Will Find in Casinos


A casino is undoubtedly an exciting place. It is usually filled with many interesting characters. In fact, you can even categorize the kind of people that typically walk into casinos. Here are some of the types of players that you will usually find in Casinos:

Grind and Premium Players

Grind players usually go for small amount bets. You may also see some of these players going for the lowest bets and playing safe. On the other hand, premium players go for large amount bets or bankrolls. They are also known as high rollers.

It is not uncommon for you to see them being treated like royalty by the casino management. In fact, high rollers usually tend to get many complementary food and drinks because the casino prefers them to stay for as long as possible and keep visiting.


The Loud Player

You will definitely see this kind of player at one table or the other every time you visit a casino. You will find that the pit boss is usually trying to control this player. The loud player loves to trash talk and is rude to the dealers. He is usually drunk on lots of alcohol as well.

The Professional Player


This player will have a calm demeanor, quick hands, sharp eyes and will call the bets with impressive precision. He is a master of chip management, and he might even be surrounded by a small crowd. Professional players are usually very polite. They focus and concentrate on the game and have a great instinct for knowing the ways of the roulette wheel.

The Foolish Risk Taker

This is a unique kind of player that tends to cause a lot of confusion on the table. Not only does he not know any of the basics, but he pretends to be great at the game and loves to take his chances. His actions in the game can be quite unpredictable.

The Lucky Novice


Sometimes you will find a beginner walking into the casino and equipped with the most basic knowledge of the popular casino games. He surprisingly finds himself on a lucky streak and makes lots of winnings. These kinds of players usually play on slot machines and surprise themselves and everyone with a jackpot.

Old School Players

These are players that have been around for a long time. You may even get to see old couples holding hands and walking into the casinos. They will have a smile on their faces and will usually be preoccupied with playing on slot machines. For them, the casinos can be romantic places filled with memories.

In Conclusion


These are some of the types of players that you will commonly find. When you walk into a casino, make sure to take some time out and observe the various people, and you are sure to find some more exciting and even amusing categories of players.

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